A French couple doing a road trip around North America

Hi and welcome on our website! We are Angy and Thomas. We are respectively 34 and 37 years old. Angy is from a little island in the Indian Ocean called the Reunion Island, and Thomas is from Normandy. We are epicurean, hikers and nature lovers. We are traveling around USA and Canada with our skoolie. 

We are discovering the wonderful American landscapes, vast and inspiring. Our travel is a complete immersion in the many subcultures of these gigantic territory. And we take the engagement to always open our door to whomever is out there and engage the conversation so we can learn more about this beautiful country.

Aboard our skoolie called “Marcel”

Our tiny house is a 1988 International School bus which we converted into a tiny house on wheels.  “Marcel” is our house, our refuge as well as our travel companion. Its metallic body and its Turbo Diesel DT466 engine is getting us along the coasts, up the mountains, through the deserts…

Converting this bus has been a very inspiring job and has required one complete year of research, learnings, construction and sacrifices. The result is way over what we could have expected. We love our skoolie! With our four hands made sure to get all the pieces of the puzzle right, and built a modular  space, yet very confortable. Marcel is reliable and robust and goes trough the roughness of the US roads without coughing…

Discovering a life of happy sobriety

Aside from the new DIY knowledge and abilities we have developed while converting the bus into a tiny house on wheels, we want to go further. We want to explore the worlds of environmental science, climate change, ecological habitat, low-tech, permaculture, and democracy. Our travel is a journey through the fantastic world of the happy sobriety of Pierre Rabhi.

Let’s not waste time and let’s fill our library with a lot of references on this domain. We will go check out eco-villages all along our travel and see how they developed autonomy and resilience. Our observations and experiments will surely be the first steps in the creation of a transition town back in France.